Is there anywhere I can store any excess baggage?


Is the 15kg baggage allowance inclusive of hand luggage?

Yes. If passengers have significant excess baggage, it is recommended they book a 'freight' seat at normal fare, which permits confirmed carriage of an extra 75 kgs.

What happens if my baggage is over the weight limit?

In most circumstances our Check-in staff will use their discretion and allow a leeway of up to 2 kgs. However additional excess baggage will only be carried, at the sole discretion of the captain of the aircraft, if the payload of the aircraft and/or space permits and will be charged at the prevailing rate for carriage of freight.

Why do you ask that my luggage is in a soft bag?

Most of our flights are operated by aircraft whose luggage compartments have limited volume and are of an irregular shape. It is thus more difficult for us to stow large rigid suitcases, which in an extreme situation, might have to be carried on the next available flight.



How can I make payment for my tickets?

Online by credit card at the time of making your booking. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

What happens if my international flight into Maputo, Vilankulos, Nacala, Nampula or Pemba is delayed and I miss my CR Aviation flight?

CR Aviation will transfer your booking, at a cost of $50 per passenger, to the next available flight but has no responsibility whatsoever for any related extra costs. If seats are not available, no refunds will be made. You are advised to ensure that your travel insurance covers such situations.

Do all your scheduled service flights operate on a daily basis?


Do I need to re-confirm my flights once I have a ticket?

No, but it is recommended that you contact our operations the evening before the flight to reconfirm the timings.

Can I make a provisional online reservation?

No, you can only make a firm booking.

Can I make an online amendment or cancel a booking I have made online?

No, the details of any amendment or a cancellation must be sent by email to reservations@craviation.co.mz

What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

Refunds for cancellations are normally only given when there are valid humanitarian grounds for the cancellation. In such circumstances you must send us full reasons for the cancellation, plus supporting documentation. See clause 17 of terms and conditions on the CR Aviation website for full information.



When do I have to Check-in?

The latest Check-in time for all passengers is strictly 60 minutes before flight time at Maputo, Vilankulos, Nacala, Nampula and Pemba International Airport and 30 minutes elsewhere. CR Aviation reserves the right to depart up to 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time if passengers are not present at the place of departure by that time. CR Aviation has no responsibility for direct or indirect costs resulting from passengers missing a flight due to non-compliance, for whatever reason, with the above Check-in times.


What type of aircraft do you operate?

Please see Fleet for details of our aircraft.

Do you provide charter flights?

Yes. Further details, including costs, can be found under Charters.

Do I have to have a minimum number of passengers in order to book a charter flight?


Am I able to get a snack at your Check-in lounge?

Yes, there is a coffee shop providing hot and cold drinks and snacks.